Moving outdoors for your needs in COVID Times had never been so easy, and safe too...

SAFE2GO – A smart application to maintain Social Distancing, and
avoid Queues and Crowd while visiting your desired place.

What is Safe2Go?
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What is SAFE2GO™?

How Safe2Go works for Customers?
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How SAFE2GO™ works for the Customers?

Benefits for Customers
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What are the benefits for the Customers?

Find Your Favorite Destination

Easily search your desired destination & book a slot for your visit.

Shopping Mall

Malls & Super


Shops &


Men's / Unisex

Beauty Parlors



Doctors, Clinics
& Hospitals


Lawyers, CA, Other Professionals


Restaurants, Food Courtss

Gyms, Fitness Centers

Gyms, Fitness Centers

Labs & Diagnostic Centers

Labs, Diagnostic Centers

Jewelry & Fine arts

Jewellery & Fine Arts

Educational Institutions

Educational Institutions

Religious Places

Religious Places

Electronics Stores

Electronic, Digital Stores

Clubs & Recreational Centers

Clubs, Recreation Centres

Front Offices

Front Offices, Repair Centers

Parking Areas


Parking Areas

Banks, Financial Institutions

Enterprises & Other Institutions

Enterprises & Other Institutions

Power at your Fingertips

3 Simple Steps to your favorite destination

Hassle-free booking for your favorite destination with these 3 Simple steps.

1. Choose your destination

Easily search or browse through the list of destinations & choose your desired location to visit.

2. Book your convenient slot

Book the slot most convenient to you, with the choice of available time-slots and the number of persons to visit.

3. Visit to your destination hassle-free

Visit your destination at booked time & avail premium service at the premises.

Primary Features

Enjoy premium features by using Safe2Go Application.

Easy Registration


Easy Login & Navigation

Easy Login & Navigation

List at National Level

See List at National Level

Flexible booking options

Flexible booking options

Covid Safety features

Check COVID Safety Features

Offers & Discounts

Check Offers & Discounts

Preparedness to serve

Check preparedness

Invite friends & colleagues

Invite Friends & Colleagues

List of customers

Secured & safe booking

Know location

Get exact location / address

Cancel Appointments

Easy Cancellations

Avoid Crowd

Avoid Crowds at your destination

Zero Entry Fee

Zero Booking Fee*

Notepad for taking notes

Inbuilt notepad for taking notes

QR Code Verification

QR Code Verification

Customer Branding with Feedback

Give your Feedback

Customer Reviews & Ratings

Share ratings & reviews

History of all visits

Maintain history of all your visits

Major Benefits

Customers enjoy a plethora of benefits by using the Safe2Go Application.

Zero Cost of Registration & Usage

Zero Cost for Registration & Usage*

No Waiting Time

No Waiting Time outside premises

No venturing to Crowded place

No venturing out to crowded places

Options for selecting timeslots

Flexibility for selecting timeslots

Options for emergency

Avail options in case of Emergency

Shop owner's credits

Use shop-owner’s credits for booking

Safety Rules

Know safety rules of the premises

Evaluate safety

Evaluate the level of safety at the premises


Know the ratings of the premises


Keep note of tasks for each visit

Invite others

Avail free credits by inviting others

Outdoor meetings

Use it for your outdoor meetings

Social Calendar
Use it as
your social Calendar

Use it for your doctor’s / other professional appointments

Restaurant table

Use it for your restaurant table booking

Give ratings

Give ratings on experience at visited premises

Social distancing

Social distancing at visited premises


Premises declaration for no COVID symptoms

Offers & promo

Know offers & promo before your visit

Hassle-free entry & exit

Hassle-free entry & exit at the visited premises


Promote the premises with your videos & reviews

Home Delivery

Get home delivery with your fingertips

Take away

Take away from your favorite destination

Enjoy your visit

Enjoy your visits with safe & premium experience

Additional Advantages

We believe in best customer experience, with the ‘4S’ principal, which is the need of the hour in these tough times.

Smart Visits

Smart Application to navigate & book your physical appointments at your convenience.

Safety from COVID

Safety from contagious diseases such as COVID with informed decisions to venture out.

Special Treatment

Get special treatment at your destination with power to review, rate & promote your favorite destination.

Stop the Chain

Stop the spread of COVID by inviting your friends & colleagues, and practicing Safe-to-Go outdoor habits.

How does SAFE2GO™ help in COVID Era?

SAFE2GO™ aims at spreading the footfall in the market evenly, thereby minimizing the risk of catching contagious diseases like COVID.

Typical Graph of Footfall in the market

Graph of footfall in the market

One of the most prominent feature of SAFE2GO™ is its inherent ability to spread the footfall in the market across different times of the day. 

At present, normally the footfall happens during some specific hours of the day, which results in the formation of crowd at important business locations. Because of the crowd and the limited space to accommodate the customers in the premises, social distancing is not maintained, and leads to risk of COVID and other contagious diseases.

The typical Graph of footfall shows the normal trend having high peaks during the morning and evening times, when most of the people venture out in the market for their different needs (black line).

With SAFE2GO™, as the customers reach the premises at their booked times (which is spread across the day, according to the number of persons which the business premises can handle), the formation of crowd is limited. Hence the risk of catching COVID is restricted. By using Safe2Go™, the footfall is spread evenly during the different hours of the day, as the people will venture out according to their booking schedule (Orange line). Thereby, the risk for COVID contamination is minimized.

Besides, with systematic scheduled visits by people, the extreme measures by the Government such as lockdown & curfew can also be avoided. This can also avoid loss of business, economic crisis and other issues which crop up because of the lockdown.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are committed to a transparent & trustworthy relationship with our customers & business partners. We bring here some commonly asked questions to provide you with clarity. 

Safe2Go is a pioneering B2C Platform, first of its kind globally, for developing a Healthy & Safe Environment of Loyalty and Trust between Local Businesses and the customers, and supporting the growth of economy. The current pandemic has impacted the lives of all the people globally, and we need to develop and adapt to the new ways of healthy living, along with the ways we interact with others for our personal, social & economic requirements. Safe2Go aims at supporting the customers & the businesses to develop trust, loyalty, enhance customer experience, strengthen safety and foster the growth in economy.

Any profit or non-profit organization such as malls, super-stores, shops, retail chains, hospitals, clinics, doctors, dentists, saloons, beauty parlors, gyms, sports complexes, educational institutions, parking stations, enterprises, front offices & repair centers, professionals such as lawyers, CA’s, architects, real estate agents, social institutions such as housing societies & club houses, swimming pools, religious places such as temples, mosques, churches & gurudwaras, etc., who register on Safe2Go platform will be called as Business Owner / Business premises.

A Customer is a person, above 18 years of age, who intends to visit any of the business premises to buy a product or avail services. If you do not intend to buy any product or services, kindly do not use this platform.

Safe2Go fosters systematic and healthy living for the people, along with the growth in the economy & a premium experience to the customers. The current pandemic has impacted the lives of all the people globally, and we need to develop and adapt to the new ways of healthy living, along with the ways we interact with others for our personal, social & economic requirements. Even after the vaccine is administered, it is advisable that the individuals ensure safety from any mutation of the virus or any other contagious disease in future. Safe2Go helps you with the new way of going outdoors. Safe2Go is filled with lots of features, benefits and advantages for the Customers, Businesses & the Government/Administration. Please see the sections on Features, Major Benefits & Additional Advantages, on the home page for more details.

A Credit is a denomination used by Safe2Go to indicate the cost debited on booking of a slot per person. There are 3 types of credits.

  1. Monthly Credits: These credits come with the monthly subscription, and lapse after the expiry of 30 days.
  2. Recharge Credits: These credits are added to the existing Recharge Credits on successful recharge. They don’t expire and are carried forward to next month, if they are unused.
  3. Invite Credits: These credits are earned when your invitee registers on Safe2Go platform, either as a Customer or as a Business, using your personalized invite link. You can utilize maximum 10 invite credits per month. Unutilized Invite Credits from the 10 Invite Credits get lapsed at the end of each month, while the rest of the invite credits are carried forward to next month.

When a customer ‘C’ books an appointment for vising the Business ‘B’ premises:

  1. If credits are available in B’s account, then 1 credit per person per slot booking will be deducted from the Business B’s account. The customer ‘C’ will not be charged any Credits for the booking.
  2. If none of the Credits are available in the Business B’s account, then the credits of the customer will be used for booking the appointment.

The credit deduction logic works on the following priority:

  • Monthly Credits will be deducted first.
  • If Monthly Credits are not available, then Invite Credits will be deducted (limited to monthly useability quota)
  • If both Monthly & Invite Credits are not available, then Recharge Credits will be deducted.

Invite Credits can be earned by inviting your Family, friends, colleagues and even the business owners through our website or mobile app. Just click the invite link in your profile section, and send the auto-generated customized text message to your loved ones through any of the communication channel such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, SMS, etc. You will receive an Invite Credit for each invitee joining Safe2Go by clicking the link you shared with them. By inviting your loved ones, you show you care for them by equipping them with a tool to ensure safety while visiting outdoors. At the same time, you also gift them with 10 credits in their account to experience & utilize the platform.

You can take the contact details of the Business Owner and send him the invite through Safe2Go website or mobile App. You will receive an Invite credit on their joining, and you also help them to receive 20 credits in their account for experiencing the platform, and serving their customers better. With this, you also become an ambassador of safety in your area, and become eligible to enter into the Safe2Go Ambassador for Safety Awards.

What People Say about this App

Here is what people are saying about SAFE2GO™

"SAFE2GO™ has come up with an excellent concept in the market. The times of COVID demands such innovative solutions, and I recommend using it by maximum people."
Hitesh Sathe
"India needs such a solution to promote business, and at the same time minimize the cases of COVID, which are very high in the second wave. This is an ideal solution to spread the footfall over the complete day, and it will be a win-win for all - the business owners as well as customers - who adopts this application."
Rakesh Singh
“In the beginning when this application was launched, I didn't realize its importance. However, I now realize how effective this solution is, to prevent the spread of COVID, and avoiding the situations of lockdown. I have started using it and invited some of my friends also to use the same.”
Krishna Pandey

Feel free to contact us anytime.

What is Safe2Go?
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What is SAFE2GO™?

Benefits for Customers
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What are the benefits for the customers?

How Safe2Go works for Customers?
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How SAFE2GO™ works for Customers?

Benefits for the Business Owners
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What are the benefits for the Business Owners?